Judging the Authenticity of Prints by The Masters:
A Primer for Collectors
by David Rudd Cycleback
© Cycleback, 2001, 2005-, all rights reserved




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































1) Introduction
2) Tips for newbie collectors of most anything
3) What is Authenticity?
4) How to research an artist’s work
5) Printing Introduction
6) What is a print?
7) Hand made versus photomechanical prints
8) Hand made: three sub categories
9) Hand made relief
10) Hand made intaglio
11) Hand made lithography
12) Hand made miscellaneous
13) Photomechanical (not hand made) pints
14) Editions
15) States
16) Paper
18) Artist’s signature
19) Deal with good sellers
20) Provenance
21) What is an original print?
22) Making the final decision

(c) david rudd cycleback, all rights reserved