Photograph Identification Guide
by David Rudd Cycleback

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Tintype of actress Nicole Kidmann, a prop from the movie 'Cold Moutain'

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This online book is a guide to identifying, dating and understanding photographs from the 1800s to today. This guide is a supplement to your personal experience and springboard to your continuing education. This experience and education includes handling and looking at a variety of photographs, reading books and articles and asking lots and lots of questions of dealers, experts and fellow collectors. With time, the collector gains a feel for age, rarity, originality and authenticity.

Collectors should learn all they can about the genre where they collect, whether it is fashion photos, hockey photos or Victorian cabinet cards. This includes learning about current prices, hobby news, the history, styles, personalities and photographers

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An important tool: the microscope

To make a correct identification of a photographic print, it is best to make a close examination of the image surface. This book not only describes a print's general but its microscopic characteristics. A microscope of 30X to 100X (30 times to 100 times) power is needed for advanced examination. The normal household magnifying glass is not strong enough. Many pocket sized microscopes are affordable, easy to use and can be carried in a coat pocket or backpack. A hand held microscope can be bought for cheap at many hobby stores and on eBay. These microscopes are multi-use, as they are also helpful in authenticating sports cards and other non-photographic printed memorabilia. main

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