Downloadable ebook -- 'Return Trip: Aesthetics and Epistemolgy' by David Cycleback

"Learning about visual illusions and how they work show us that reality and human 
perception of reality are different things,"

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Aesthetics: philosophic study of art, art perception, taste, beauty. Epistemology: philosophic study of knowledge, itâ��s nature and limits.

About this book

Written in the authorâ��s unsettling, personal style, Return Trip is a look at aesthetic perception and the inherent limits of human knowledge.  The book combines philosophy, psychology, art history, memoir and the authorâ��s old texts.  The brief (99 pages) downloadable and printable book is illustrated and in pdf format . . .  The author, David Cycleback, is an art historian and philosopher.  He was lead photograph identification consultant for Beckett Media and RR Auction, and a writer for Enyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Photography.  His other books include Judging the Authenticity of Prints by the Masters and Looking at Art and Artifacts.

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