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Bronco Nagurski's Rarest Trading Card: 1930s Exhibit Supply Co. Wrestling


Pictured above is the original art for what was intended to be the 1930s Exhibit Supply Co. Wrestling Card of early American football player Bronco Nagurski. Either the card was never issued or was extremely limited, as an example of the finished card is not known to exist. The original art is a gelatin-silver photograph hand painted in black, silver, dark gray and white inks. For years The Exhibit Supply Co., of Chicago, issued a wide variety of postcard-sized 'Exhibit' cards. The cards pictured stars from baseball, football, boxing, wrestling, television, movies and other popular subjects. They were commonly sold in vending machines.

While Nagurski's 1920s-40s football career for the University of Minnesota and Chicago Bears is legendary, many are unaware that he was a successful professional wrestler and is enshrined in the Canadian Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (Though raised and retired in Northern Minnesota, Narguski was born in the tiny Ontario border town of Rainy River). Nagurski wrestled from 1933 to 1960, and won three heavyweight titles from 1939-41.