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Memorabilia 1875 – 1922 (5 images)


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1906 Flip Book of Modecai ‘Three Fingered’ Brown.  The pages of this book could be flipped to create a little movie of the Hall of Fame pitcher.  Brown received his nickname due to a childhood farm accident to his pitching hand.  The deformity actually enhanced his pitching, giving his pitches unusual movement.








1922 Flip Book of Babe Ruth.









1911 Diamond Gum Pin Ty Cobb.  A scarce and undervalued issue.  Pins rarely receive the attention that trading cards do.  There are twenty eight different pins in the set, with the Cobb being the key.










‘Got Milk?’ This 1910s photograph of  the legendary Washington Senator’s pitcher Walter Johnson holding a bottle of milk was used to make an ad for—you guessed it—milk.









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1875 Carte de Visite of the Hartford Blue Stockings, featuring Candy Cummings (center in the top row).  Cummings is considered to the inventor of the curve ball.  He won thrity five games as a pitcher in 1875.  A carte de visite is a smaller, earlier version of the cabinet card, with a photograph pasted to a larger piece of cardboard, called a mount.  A blue mount is unusual and was undoubtedly made in this case to fit the team’s name and blue stockings. 



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