15) Claire: How We Met

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I met Dereb in college in one of those friend of a friend deals. Dereb lived with some guys at a large apartment near the engineering school, and a friend of mine had gone to high school with one of them. We stopped by the apartment one afternoon because my friend had to pick up something. Some of the guys, including Dereb, were playing nerf basketball, with a little plastic basketball hoop stuck to a banister. My friend's friend briefly introduced me to the guys. Dereb said hi or acknowledged me and my friend and went back to playing, and my friend and I left like a minute later. That was it. To be honest, I thought Dereb was good looking, but didn't think much about it.

Not long after, maybe the next day, I was standing in snow outside the Union near the street. It was one of those bright sunny winter days. Dereb came up to me and asked if we had met earlier, and I said yes. main

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