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Vintage Advertisements for Cards: 1885-1962


Except for the Old Judge trade card, which was available to the general public, the pieces shown here are substantially rarer than the cards they advertised.They were originally distributed in limited number for store use only, and their large size was not conducive to long term storage. (Please be patient while images load).

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1936 R314 Goudey Premiums, window display sign.






1910s Hassan Tobacco, large poster.†† Hassan promoted many tobacco cards, including the Hassan Triple Folders, and T205 Gold Borders.This poster shows the same image of Christy Mathewson as was used on his T205 card.


1880s Sweet Caporal, store display on heavy cardboard.This stand-up was used to promote Sweet Caporal cigarettes and their non-baseball card inserts.In wasnít until the early 1900s that they produced baseball cards.




1911 Colgan Chips, display sign.The disc cards of baseball players were inserted intoeoundtins of colgan gum.The pictured disc is of Honus Wagner.





1880s Old Judge inserts and Cabinet Cards, metamorphic trade card.The back of this colorful item advertises the Old Judge tobacco cards and Cabinet cards.



1962 Bell Brand Dodgers, window display sheet.This features the popular cards of Sandy Koufax, John Roseboro, Maury Wills, Wally Moon, Duke Snider and Larry Sherry.It is made out of the same stock as the actual cards.



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