Judging the Authenticity of Early Baseball Cards
by David Rudd Cycleback




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































1 Introduction
2 Essential tips for total beginning collectors
3 Other resources
4 Special equipment
5 Authenticity
6 How early cards were made, reprinted and identified
7 Identifying reprints by comparison with original cards
8 Embossed cards
9 Gilded cards
10 Black light
11 Using a microscope: introduction
12 Under the microscope: modern printing
13 Under the microscope: 1800s chromolithography
14 Under the microscope: early chalk & crayon

15 Under the microscope: early 1900s color lithography
16 Under the microscope: photoengraving
17 Real photo baseball cards
18 Final notes on printing
19 Altered counterfeits
20 Provenance
21 Quick Tips

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