David Cycleback is an art and artifact historian and two-time Eric Hoffer Award Finalist for his books Return Trip: Aesthetics and Epistemology and Conceits: Cognition and Perception. Reprinted by Beijing's Three Shadows Art Center, his guides Judging the Authenticity of Prints by the Masters and Judging the Authenticity of Photographs were the first comprehensive books on the subjects published in China. He was photograph authentication advisor for Beckett Media, an articles writer for Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography and writes an authentication advice column for Sports Collector's Daily. His other books include Art Perception, Looking at Art and Artifacts, A Brief Introduction to Ancient Counting Systems for Non-Mathematicians, Strange Beauty and Forensic Light: A Beginner's Guide. He has been cited by the Australian National Archives, Indiana Historical Society, The Jewish Theological Seminary, York University, Encyclopedia Britanica, The Saylor Foundation, Encyclopedia of Journalism, University of Wisconsin (The Scout Project), University of Arkansas' Criminal Justice Institute, and Sydney University (Business of Art).

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