authentication guides (html and pdf) - - -s
antique and art prints (pdf 11mb)
identifying and authenticating photographs (old version, html)
identifying and authenticating photos (up to date, pdf 13mb)
identifying common materials in antiques (pdf)
black light : a beginner's guide (html)
forensic light: a beginner's guide (pdf)

online courses - - -s
online course in photograph identification and authentication
online course in prints identification (future)

philosophy/cognitive science/linguistics guides pdf ebooks- - -s
conceits: human cognition and perception (2013 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist)
psychology and philosophy of art perception (adaption of conceits for art)
introduction to ancient counting systems
return trip: aesthetics and epistemology (2014 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist)
strange beauty: aesthetics and epistemology (Follow up to Return Trip)

galleries, blog, miscellaneous - - -
early baseball memorabilia galleries
about fashion photos
identfication and authentication column at sports collectors daily
sales at eBay

books in print at Barnes and Noble
books in print at Barnes and Noble

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